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 To a large extent, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are at the mercy of the economy as a whole. Existing businesses had a drop in revenue as a result of lockdowns during the COVID-19 crisis, and those who were unable to minimize operational expenses saw their cash flow become negative. As funding and customers dried up for new businesses, the pandemic was also a danger to innovation.

We can learn more about the global dynamics of new firm creation thanks to new data from the World Bank Entrepreneurship Database, a longitudinal study of entrepreneurial activity. For this purpose, we acquire information directly from business registrations, which serve as the first stop for many new and aspiring business owners. More than 170 economies were included in the most recent version, which extended from 2006 through 2020. The crisis caused by COVID-19 may have affected the number of newly registered businesses, as indicated by the statistics.



Envision devoting as little as five hours each week to completely free methods that increase brand awareness, website visitors, and revenue. In a word, yes. Ninety percent of marketers gave reasons why social media is crucial for companies to increase brand awareness. To put into perspective, Social media scheduling software is becoming an integral part of any marketing plan. Anyone who doesn’t take use of social media’s low-cost marketing potential is leaving money on the table.

The importance of social media marketing to a flourishing business is undeniable, and many professionals in the field have taken note. However, some of these professionals lack confidence in the efficacy or even the utility of some approaches. According to a Social Media Examiner, it was reported that 96% of marketers are currently utilizing social media marketing, yet 84% are confused about which strategies produce the best results. To an extent, you can avoid any confusion about how social media might boost your company’s marketing efforts.


REASONS why social media is important to boost your business growth!


Social media attracts ATTENTION

Customers can’t buy from you if they have no idea your company exists. The time and energy you put into social media will pay off in the form of increased exposure to prospective clients. Nothing is to be lost by establishing a profile for your company on the most popular social media platforms, as doing so is completely free.

This is the intersection of creative content and professional presentation. Developing a content strategy in this age of GIFs, memes, Facebook Live, and more requires careful planning and execution. You need to know who your target audience is, how they feel about your business, and what would motivate them to engage with your content by clicking on it or leaving a comment.

Establish your goals for using social media before attempting to create a brand awareness campaign. Do you seek exposure for your business to a wider audience? How many additional local customers do you wish to attract? Identifying the finest social media platforms for your company may be done by sticking to a focused plan. And with how online-media functions, certain content that you create will definitely attract atleast some interested users.


Send a Message of Power

Customers nowadays are more knowledgeable and selective in the companies they choose to patronize. They will make a fast search to check out your social media pages and website before deciding.

What kind of information or dearth will they encounter? Building your brand’s authority and making a good first impression on social media requires creating detailed profiles and updating them often with relevant information that demonstrates your company’s expertise in its field while also conveying its friendliness and accessibility to customers.

In order to establish yourself as a pioneer in your field, you should look for opportunities to show off your knowledge and insight. This might include publishing articles about your field of study, encourage blogs writers to feature your work, or developing your company’s stated goals. You can win over new clients’ trust by demonstrating the benefits they’ll receive from working with your company.


Social media engagement is your kind of money!

A shoe promotion on social media, for example, may seem like a little thing to broadcast, but it may become viral if it catches people’s attention. Users may also pose queries to complete strangers in the stream, such as whether or not they have gotten their sneakers, how long it took to ship, and whether or not they liked them.  The era of immediate communication, connection development, and client loyalty is here, and it all begins with social media.

Some company owners may feel unprepared for the ever-changing landscape of social media as it develops and introduces new features.  However keep in mind that it’s not necessary to take up every task. Experiment with different methods of establishing rapport with your target audience, and allow yourself to pick up skills as you go. Eventually, you could decide to upload a string of Instagram Stories that take clients on a virtual tour of your workplace and show them what goes on there. The following time, you may use Facebook Live to conduct a short Q&A session. You’ll learn more about your followers’ tastes as time goes on.


Cost effectively Expand

 While social media shouldn’t be used as a platform for overt sales pitches, you shouldn’t pass up on opportunities to make sales if they arise. Most social media content now consists of some form of paid promotion, such as promoted posts on users’ timelines, videos with call-to-action buttons, cross-channel retargeting, or shoppable postings.

The expense of advertising adds up quickly, making splashy campaigns out of reach for certain companies. Advertising on social media, however, is a great way to stretch your budget. No matter how big or small your company is, you can use advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to expand your reach and accomplish your goals. Though Instagram is designed largely for interaction, there are tried and true methods for boosting purchases on the network.

While most companies rely heavily on statistics, social media is far from an exact science. You can ignore an ad for people eating with big chunks of ramen noodles, for instance. After three days, you could decide to stop by Marugame udon since you’re wanting to slurp on some rich flavor noodles. That’s just one example of how social media might influence a consumer’s final decision.

Know your target audience and your end objective before developing your advertising strategy to avoid throwing money away. Try to find stuff that does more than just try to sell you something instead.



 In spite of the fact that social media provides a robust environment for expanding your business, you may increase the likelihood that people will be drawn to your material by arranging it in a way that stands out from the crowd. People mindlessly browsing on their phones are assumed to interact and engage with content placed on the media, but it is the engagement of these users that will drive your business forward.

 A well-optimized website is the most valuable asset of any e-commerce business since it helps potential customers to search and purchase things with a minimum of effort and time spent on their part. With a sleek, user-friendly, and responsive e-Commerce website, you can expand your customer base and outperform the competition. Our design staff is ready to help you bring your ideas to life by using cutting-edge techniques that will entice website visitors to make a purchase. We are a Los Angeles-based digital agency that provides both innovative and practical strategies. We have worked with several shopping carts over the years, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2.0, Volusion, BigCommerce, OpenCart, BigCartel, and OsCommerce. With the help of the most up-to-date shopping cart features tailored to your company’s demands, our e-commerce team can put your brand in the spotlight.

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