Project Description

Super Soaper, a new dog shampoo in the market, approached Graphic Match to create an online platform to showcase and sell their innovative products. With the goal of establishing a strong digital presence from the outset, our team designed a sleek and efficient e-commerce store using Shopify, a leading ecommerce platform known for its robust functionality and ease of use. The website is crafted to reflect Super Soaper’s brand ethos and appeal directly to pet owners looking for high-quality grooming solutions. It features detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and high-resolution images to help shoppers make informed decisions. We also implemented an intuitive shopping cart and secure checkout process to ensure a smooth user experience. Additionally, the site is optimized for search engines to increase visibility and attract organic traffic. This online store has not only enabled Super Soaper to reach a wider audience but also set a solid foundation for their business growth in the competitive pet care market.

Super Soaper portfolio 1

Company Name

Super Soaper



Project Duration

3 Weeks


Las Vegas, NV, USA

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