Project Description

Security Guards of America, a reputable private security firm providing guard services across various business and residential areas, faced a unique challenge in showcasing the extensive range of cities they serve in California and Texas. To address this, they partnered with Graphic Match to develop a comprehensive update to their existing website. Our team meticulously created individual pages for hundreds of cities, ensuring that potential clients could easily find localized service information relevant to their specific area. This strategic expansion not only improved the site’s usability but also optimized it for local search engine visibility, significantly enhancing online reach and customer engagement. The website now effectively communicates the breadth of Security Guards of America’s services, reinforcing their presence as a leading security service provider in these states. The project exemplifies Graphic Match’s ability to handle large-scale website developments that meet specific client needs while boosting their digital footprint and operational capabilities.

Security Guards of America Portfolio 1

Company Name

Security Guards of America



Project Duration

5 Weeks


Sherman Oaks, CA & Austin, TX

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