Project Description

Nzuri Essence, a vibrant company specializing in party booth rentals, sought to enhance their customer service and streamline their booking process with a dedicated website. Recognizing the potential to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency, they partnered with Graphic Match to develop a comprehensive online platform. Our team designed a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily book their events online. To enhance the booking experience, we incorporated customizable options such as WiFi access, additional songs, and extended time—features that allow customers to tailor their rentals to their specific party needs. Additionally, the website offers flexible payment solutions, enabling customers to pay directly online or upon delivery of the photo booth, catering to a broader range of client preferences. This dual payment feature, along with the additional customizable options, not only simplifies the booking and payment processes but also positions Nzuri Essence as a customer-centric, adaptable service provider. The new website has significantly boosted their market presence and customer satisfaction, showcasing Graphic Match’s expertise in creating targeted, effective online solutions for diverse business needs.

Nzuri Essence porfolio 1

Company Name

Nzuri Essence



Project Duration

2 Weeks


Pasadena, CA, USA

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