Project Description

Lucky Sin City, a dynamic sweepstakes gambling company, previously relied on Facebook to communicate with players and organize games—a method that limited their professional appeal and growth potential. Recognizing the need to establish a more authoritative and trustworthy online presence, they approached Graphic Match to create a dedicated website. Our team designed and developed a robust platform that not only streamlines the game organization process but also enhances user experience with intuitive navigation and secure features. This new website provides a centralized hub for all sweepstakes activities, allowing players easy access to games, results, and support. By transitioning from a social media-based operation to a professional website, Lucky Sin City has significantly improved its credibility among existing players and attracted new participants. The website also includes advanced security measures to ensure player information is protected, reinforcing their commitment to trust and professionalism. This project showcases Graphic Match’s ability to deliver tailored digital solutions that elevate client reputation and operational efficiency.

Lucky Sin City portfolio 1

Company Name

Lucky Sin City



Project Duration

3 Weeks


Granada Hills, CA, USA

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