Project Description

Lau Enterprises, a prominent manufacturer of mirrors and framed artwork, had long planned to establish an online presence but struggled to find a development team that could accurately translate their vision into reality. Graphic Match proactively reached out and discovered their need. Upon learning that Lau Enterprises already had a complete wireframe and a clear concept for their website, our team was excited to bring their digital vision to life. We worked closely with their internal team to construct a website that not only matched their exact specifications but also enhanced their brand’s digital footprint. In addition to website development, we provided professional image retouching and creatively displayed their products within beautifully designed mockup interiors, complete with realistic shadows to enhance the visual appeal. This careful attention to detail ensured that each product was showcased in its best light, appealing to potential customers and partners. The new website now effectively represents Lau Enterprises’ high-quality craftsmanship and supports their business objectives by reaching a wider audience and streamlining customer engagement.

Lau Enterprises portfolio 1

Company Name

Lau Enterprises



Project Duration

2 Weeks


Van Nuys, CA, USA

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