Project Description

Golden Deer Art Gallery encountered significant technological setbacks when an update to WordPress rendered their previous site inoperative. This disruption not only affected their online presence but also their ability to serve their clientele effectively. In need of a robust and reliable digital solution, they approached Graphic Match to overhaul their online platform. Our team developed a cutting-edge WordPress ecommerce website designed to not only showcase and sell art, prints, and postcards but also to highlight artist profiles, enriching the connection between artists and their audience. The new website features a sleek, user-friendly interface and enhanced ecommerce capabilities, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for art enthusiasts. We also implemented advanced SEO practices and responsive design to ensure accessibility and visibility across all devices. This revitalization has not only restored but significantly enhanced Golden Deer Art Gallery’s online presence, enabling them to expand their reach and better support their artists and community. Graphic Match is proud to have delivered a solution that not only meets but exceeds the functional and aesthetic needs of the art gallery.

Golden Deer Art Portfolio 1

Company Name

Golden Deer Art Gallery



Project Duration

4 Weeks


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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