Project Description

Graphic Match reached out to Coastal Metals because their website was using an older/out dated design that did not have product detail pages. Coastal Metals is the leading supplier of large diameter carbon and alloy round bars in California both in Commercial and Aircraft quality. Their old website was not designed to be used with mobile devices; it did not scale or adapt to screen size. They needed a modern website that was accessible on any device: desktop, mobile or tablet.

We used examples provided by Coastal Metals as inspiration for the new design. The old website did not showcase that Coastal Metals was a supplier or large diameter carbon and alloy round bars so the first thing we did was feature a splash image with large diameter bars. We added call to actions throughout the website and created product detail pages with specs on each type of metal offered by Coastal Metals.

Company Name

Coastal Metals


Manufacturing, Raw Materials, Services

Project Duration

4 Weeks


San Bernardino, CA, USA

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