Project Description

Graphic Match reached out to Big Fat Burgers because they did not have a website BUT were very popular in the community. Big Fat has been the go to spot for great burgers in the heart of Reseda in the San Fernando Valley since 1961. Their main motto is “best burgers shouldn’t have to compromise on ingredients so why should you?” The goal was to design a website that displayed the menu online for customers to view and be able to phone in orders or decide on what they want before they arrived.

Graphic Match designed a website that accommodated the entire menu with a gallery. The website needed to look just as good as the burgers taste. We made sure that the website is responsive on multiple devices like desktop, tablets and mobile phones. We made sure to use high quality images of the food where possible to attract hungry customers. The website is simple, but modern giving the business a professional look.

Company Name

Big Fat Burgers



Project Duration

4 Weeks


Reseda, CA, USA

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