Project Description

Graphic Match reached out to Balboa Brick and Supply because they have been in business for over 30 years and didn’t have a website to showcase their products and materials available for purchase. After a quick discovery call, we learned that they received a lot of phone calls asking about what kind of materials they carried. The owner said that they waste too much time addressing questions that could be solved with a website.

Graphic Match designed a website that had a detail page for the types of materials Balboa Brick and Supply carried to reduce the amount of phone calls coming into the office. The website was also designed with contact forms on every material page so customers can inquire on a quote from the material they needed. The website is responsive and modern which allowed the company to get leads beyond just word of mouth. Now it’s easy to share their information with potential customers.

Company Name

Balboa Brick and Supply



Project Duration

4 Weeks


Palmdale, CA, USA

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