Project Description

Faced with a challenging situation where their previous developer was continually asking for more money without advancing the project, ATG SoCal sought a dependable partner to take over their website development. Graphic Match was chosen for our proven reliability and expertise in delivering timely solutions. Our team promptly engaged with ATG SoCal to understand their needs and expectations. We recreated their website from the ground up, focusing on a user-friendly design that mirrored the initial examples provided by ATG SoCal while enhancing functionality and aesthetic appeal. The redesigned website not only revitalizes ATG SoCal’s online presence but also streamlines user experience, making it easier for clients to navigate their services and for ATG SoCal to manage their logistics operations more effectively. This project underscores Graphic Match’s commitment to providing high-quality, customer-centric web solutions that drive business success.

ATG Socal Services portfolio 1

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Project Duration

3 Weeks


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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