In our previous article, we touched base on SEO and keyword optimization as one of the important steps in making your business competitive online. As your business grows online so does the potential risk of a cyberattack which is why it’s important to take extra steps to secure your website. Approximately 2/3 websites use WordPress for their content management system today, according to W3Techs. Many major companies use WordPress like BBC America, Sony Music, AMC and even the White House. On average most websites that are built with content management systems utilize up to 20 plugins. A plugin is a piece of software that adds new features, enhances the user experience or extends functionality on an existing application.

It is essential to your website’s health and security to update plugins on a regular basis. Hackers and other bad actors watch the release notes of any previous updates. As soon as they figure out a vulnerability, they start to exploit it. This is why it’s important to update as soon as possible to reduce the time that your site is vulnerable especially if your website utilizes a payment system or visitors enter sensitive information.

Below are the top reasons why it’s important to keep your website up to date:

  • Security Vulnerabilities Can be Fixed with Updates
    Security flaws can exist in WordPress and other plugins since it is an open source platform. As the source code is readily available to the general public, it doesn’t take long for hackers to find and exploit security vulnerabilities. Hackers and other bad actors are skilled at finding security holes in software, applications, and plugins. Additionally, they count on users not caring to upgrade their plugins, themes, PHP, or WordPress itself. Updates are the only way to keep up with hackers’ advances and lower your security concerns. Updates contain patches and fixes which are released by plugin developers to address known issues and strengthen your website’s defenses against attacks.
  • Continuity of User Experience
    Older plugins not only compromise website security, but they can also cause bugs. Users that visit the site could wind up having a negative experience because to issues including slow loading, broken features, dead ends, and other unwanted bugs. Your plugins may stop functioning as intended, which can be extremely frustrating for you and the consumer.
  • Updates Can Bring New Features
    Software and plugin updates can be accompanied by new features as well as vulnerability fixes. By keeping up with updates, you can get new features that improve the overall user experience on your website.
  • If you have an eCommerce Store it’s even more important to perform updates regularly
    As more individuals shop online and submit private financial information that might easily fall into the wrong hands, it is more crucial than ever to regularly update your platform. Many other types of e-commerce data breaches are possible, including identity theft, password guessing, phishing, and computer outbreaks. To avoid any financial repercussions, you should have adequate security precautions against all of these. According to CNBC, in 2019 cyberattacks cost businesses an average of $200,000. Beyond this, they can also cost your reputation as users lose trust in your brand.

Updating Plugins is Easier Than Fixing a Hacked Website

Keep in mind this crucial fact if you’re still struggling to find the time to update your website and plugins. Updates are similar to purchasing an insurance policy in that they are preventative actions that can save you money, effort, and frustration in the long run. It could take days or even weeks to fix a hacked website. How long it will take to fix the issue and how many potential consumers might be turned away during this downtime are the questions you should ask yourself when considering if an update is important.

Anyone who manages a website should prioritize updating plugins above all else. When that notification appears, it might not seem important, but doing so is quite simple and can save you from serious problems in the future.

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