At Graphic Match we aim to keep your websites optimized and relevant to your niche. One way to engage your audience is through social media. We now offer social media management from Facebook and Instagram to Yelp and Google Business. A lot of small business owners often forget about social media and the impact it can have on the brand image. It can be stressful trying to juggle social media and focusing on running your business. Well that’s where we come in!

We can take care of all of your social media posts, advisements and audience engagement. 81% of Americas have smartphones and that number will only increase. The vast majority of people who have smartphones actively use social media in one way or another to share their experience. The internet connects your business to a huge network on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. which can dramatically boost sales and expose your brand to a wider audience.

Being on social media is almost as important as having a website! Most people find their favorite shops and brands on social media. Being on social media, you could find new costumers but also others who would promote your brand. The great part about social media is that you can target all age groups! From teenagers to grandparents, everyone uses it as a form to connect and share. Why not let us help you by finding new connections and engage your audience to grow your brand while you focus  on running your business without having to worry.

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